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Doing the right things the right way creates value for JinkoSolar and strengthens our position as a global solar PV industry leader. Deeply embedding corporate responsibility and a commitment to ethical behavior in all that helps us overcome headwinds and keep leading position in gross margin and profit even through the volatile time for the industry.

- Chairman of JinkoSolar Xiande Li


Water Usage

Waste Water Discharge

GHG Emissions




Our Goal

At Jinko Solar, customers come first. Jinko Solar has a track record of advancing our technology and expanding our capacity in order to fulfill customers' needs. We strive to build deep and enduring relationships with our customers, who trust and rely on us to be part of their success over the long term.

Our goal is to maintain its position as one of the most advanced and largest provider of photovoltaic products and solutions. We believe that achieving this goal will help retain existing customers, attract new customers, and further strengthen customer trust.

Responsible Manufacturing

We are committed to managing our product lifecycle responsibly and minimizing the environmental impact of our silicon solar modules at every step of the production process, from design to fabrication to disposal and, eventually recycling. Jinko Solar has joined the European PV CYCLE association, which is engaged in establishing a voluntary take-back and recycling program for end-of-life solar modules. Few of our deployed modules are close to end-of-life, but involvement in this organization has helped Jinko Solar EHS leaders sharpen our own policies for the years ahead. Jinko is also a founding member of SEIA's national recycling network in the US. While other regions have less organized systems, Jinko remains committed to the responsible recycling of decommissioned modules, wherever they may be. Like all end-of-cycle disposal challenges, manufacturers and regulating bodies can work together to ensure that solar makes it cleanly from cradle to grave.

Energy Use

Jinko Solar believes reducing energy usage and GHG emissions is a key method for mitigating global warming and climate change. We have set priorities and met goals to reduce energy usage and emissions every year. In addition, we work to reduce indirect energy usage. For example, we provide clean shuttle buses, adopt remote IT communication systems, and localize supply to cut product and raw material transportation.

Water Conservation

Considering the shortage of fresh water around the globe, Jinko Solar is sensitive to the issues surrounding water use in production of solar modules. In light of this, Jinko is keen to establish water resource management, as well as water saving and water shortage emergency response programs. We have reduced water consumption in the production of our solar modules every year. Water saving measures have included water reuse in manufacturing, rain water retention ponds, water quality improvement, water-efficient manufacturing tools, reduced landscape needs, and water-saving faucets and toilets.

Recycling Resources

For information on recycling of PV modules please refer to the link below:
EU: PV Cycle (http://www.pvcycle.org/)
US: SEIA (http://www.seia.org/)
LATAM: Chilerecicla (http://www.chilerecicla.com/)
Middle East: Emirates Recycling (http://www.emiratesrecycling.com/)
South Africa: Enviroserve Waste Management (http://www.enviroserv.co.za/)
For all other regions, please contact your local representative for more information.

Empowering Communities

Caring for the earth and future generations is an important and undisputable part of Jinko Solar's corporate social responsibility. Jinko Solar has combined the company's resources with its employees' love and wisdom to work together, show compassion, bring warmth and care.

For example, JinkoSolar provided 114KW high-efficient solar modules to Grid Alternatives and Everybody Solar, aiming to provide savings for struggling families and thousands of hours of hands-on solar job trainings.